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About IWPA


The Indian Women Pilots’ Association & International Women Professionals in Aviation & Aerospace (IWPA) provides the forum for Women in Aviation and Aerospace who have the spirit to take up challenges in the pursuit for excellence. Through courage, dedication and tenacity, the Indian Women in Aviation and Aerospace should understand the challenges that empower them to pursue what appears difficult, and in the process achieve greater heights and excellence as well as motivate others for the same.


1. Reach out and educate women about Aviation and Aerospace and provide vocational guidance and mentoring to women.
2. Disseminate the latest information and developments in the domain of Aviation & Aerospace.
3. Promote Aviation awareness and education at School and College levels.
4. Undertake Aviation and Aerospace awareness programs in association with the Aeronautical Society of India, Aero Club of India, Indian Institutes of Technology, the Flying Clubs of India & other such organizations.
5. Encourage academic and career related pursuits in the field of Aviation and Aerospace by granting scholarships and financial assistance to deserving individuals for advanced training.
6. Appreciate efforts and achievements in Aviation and Aerospace with suitable recognition and awards.
7. Promote activities related to Aero Sports.

The Association keeps its doors open not only to active women flyers but also to those who, due to one reason or another, have discontinued to fly. By joining the Association they continue to keep alive their interest in aviation. Truly representative in character, the Association acts as a medium also between women wishing to take up flying and the authorities concerned with aviation.
So even those who have not so far taken up flying but are interested in aviation can join the Association and draw upon the experience of its members and get help and guidance in pursuing a successful flying career.

IWPA Videos

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IWPA Celebrates its 5oth Jublee at Subrotho Park Delhi.

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World Longest Flight With All Women Team.

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In a Panel discusion at Aero India 2019.

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"Join the Association, drop the experience of the members and get help and guidance in pursuing a successful aviation career"

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